Open Your Eyes to Both Sides of International Trade

Just as international trade is seen as boosting both parties needs and economy and as well strengthening ties between regions of the world, it could have some disadvantages. And as a rule its good you look at both sides of a situation before you venture into it. So what do we have to know about […]

Reasons and Barriers for International Trade

If you read on the news that Japan and Ukraine will take part in any international trade system of some particular goods for some period of years, what would come first in your mind? DO you think there would be any challenges these two countries would face when taking part in this trade. Would there […]

Law and International Trade

What are the basic laws of international trade? The most basic international trade laws relate to tariffs and subsidies and other forms of trade protection which unfairly advantage particular countries in trade relationships. The World Trade Organisation was established in 1995 and represents the most important development in the history of international trade law. prior […]

International Trade, or Modern Mercantilism

The world today operates as a global village, where individuals and establishments are connected by communications and travel. This has intriguing implications on the world economy; it no longer is the question of ‘wealth of nations’ but ‘wealth of other nations’. Communications and travels spread out the assets, labour, goods, services as well as the […]